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Paschkewitz Erich Dr at 571 Oxley Avenue in Scarborough, QLD

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571 Oxley Avenue,
Scarborough, QLD
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Phone: +61 7 3203 4282


Types: Dentist

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    I have told the truth about my terrible experience with Erich Paschkewitz from NOW DENTAL in Scarborough & luckily had a second opinion from a very reputable & very honest dentist which was definitely the right way to go. Erich, you are upset I did not go back to you in the end & did not give you the 24hrs notice which I apparently signed a document for when I first arrived at your practice. How do you think I feel after all the costs & running around you have cost me you don't seem to be worried about that just the money you have lost in not giving you 24hrs notice. Not to mention the fact that I have not been in good health, that does not seem to matter to you. I took good advice & also felt I did not want to go back & give you a 4th chance. I am glad I did the right thing as I found out that I did not need the 3 extra crowns Erich told me I needed & that one of the crowns Erich did has a gap where it was not been fitted or glued properly & needs redoing as food can be caught there & cause decay so I hope he is going to pay for this? I had recently told Erich about this other problem that I had only noticed in the last week or so. My teeth were not cleaned properly either they had to be scrapped as there was a build up of plaque which I had paid Erich to do & he did not do properly either. Erich has threatened to take legal action, obviously, he does not like the truth told so we shall see if he does the right thing or not? And as for me not giving you 24hrs notice & only 4hrs in cancelling my appointment I am sure the way your surgery works you have a waiting list as you only had 2 appointments left for the whole week to try & fit me in for half an hour. If not please take this into account when costs are hopefully worked out. You have made $3,627.00 out of me Erich & I now wonder if these other 2 crowns were needed?but that would be impossible to prove. The Wisdom tooth would not have needed to be extracted if I had not gone to you because the tooth in front you told me needed crowning can be refilled so that's the difference of $1322.00. The other dentist I saw is from the old school & keeps watch over your teeth & tries to save your teeth for as long as possible, as my friend who recommended him said, he does not do any unnecessary work. As for suing me for defamation, you should be ashamed to say you care about your patients as all I have seen from MY OWN EXPERIENCE is you care more about the $$$. I could have spent approximately $8,200.00 with you,( I have already spent $3,627.00 ) or with another dentist, it could have been approximately $2,021.00? the only crown he has recommended to have done is the one you have not done properly and the recrowning of an older crown.The email you sent me showing you are being supported by Paul Andrews @ the ADA is very disappointing.
    Laura Smith
    March 18, 2018
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